What is ArcheoTales?

ArcheoTales is an online application designed to facilitate the playful transfer of knowledge about archaeological and cultural heritage sites. It works as an interactive scavenger hunt that is intended to explore archaeological remains.

With ArcheoTales, operators of historical, archaeological and cultural sites, but also cities or tourism agencies, can send their visitors on a journey of discovery that allows them to explore the surroundings and learn about history, archaeology and culture in a fun and innovative way. This shifts the role of the user from passive consumer to active participant.

After onboarding to the ArcheoTales mobile app and choosing a specific exhibition site and hunt, users usually follow instructions that come in a chat-like style. The dialogical orientation of the app is an essential innovative component, allowing both users and cultural sites to learn from each other.

Allowing the user to explore and to interact with heritage at one’s own pace also enables the best possible, individualised acquisition of knowledge. Another key feature of the app is the detachment of the user experience from the classic exhibition space.

ArcheoTales can guide the visitors through a classic exhibition scenario, but it also offers the possibility to connect the experience with outdoor sites or even to take it into the public domain. ArcheoTales transforms the user’s smartphone into a potentially ubiquitous archaeology and/or heritage guide using gamification to immerse visitors in heritage presentations.

ArcheoTales was developed within ARCHEODANUBE co-funded by the European Union ERDF, IPA, ENI within the framework of the INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme.

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A Walk along the Riverbanks – Sarajevo

This scavenger hunt is based on the lives of three painters in a town with a unique history, architecture and culture. The scavenger hunt follows the painters along the river Miljacka and takes you to various historical events and cultural sites. The scavenger hunt starts at the Emperor's Mosque (Careva Džamija).

Ptuj Roman Monuments

Roman Monuments in the Old City of Ptuj

The old town of Ptuj has an even older predecessor; the Roman city Poetovio. While most of its remains are now lost or underground, some of the more spectacular monuments were preserved or reconstructed in the old town. Your hunt will be a journey of discovery in which you will search for Roman monuments in the old town and learn their secrets.

Marcus the Merchant

Marcus the Italian Merchant

After a long journey, Marcus, the Italian merchant, finally sees the town gate of his destination, Savaria. However, before entering the town, he stops his cart on the Amber Road, and takes off a couple of amphorae and a large container full of water. Join and help him sell his goods!

Medieval Town Cherven

Medieval Town Cherven

The town of Cherven was once one of the most important centres of Medieval Bulgaria. Unveil the hidden secrets of the fortress, guarding the Rusenski Lom river valley.

Iseum: Lucius, the Temple Servant

Lucius, a temple servant at the temple of Isis in Savaria, has just returned from the market. He carries many bags to take part in the preparations for the ceremony of the goddess. Help him accomplish his task of finding the essential utensils for the ritual.

Vienna City Walls

Liebenberg, former mayor of Vienna known for his defence work during 1683, is taking you on a hunt along the city’s old fortification. Together with your historical companion, you will discover Vienna’s historic walls and the city’s inner district.

In the Footsteps of Saint Martin – Szombathely

You have arrived to Szombathely, called Savaria in Roman times. After a long journey, you stand where, according to the legend, St. Martin, the patron saint of the Frankish Empire, was born. Explore St. Martin’s birthplace and learn more about the bishop’s life.